What kind of training do you have?

My professional education and training comprises 2 years apprenticeship at Leyen Esthetics. I am a Certified Intradermal Cosmetic Specialist of the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetic – one of the leading institutions in its field. Since 1998 I’ve been focusing on the art of Micropigmentation at Plastic Surgeon offices and have mastered the corrective permanent makeup for facial feature enhancement. My professional specialization includes:

– Coil, Rotary, and Digital Equipement Nouveau Contour

– Use of Sterilization and Topical Anesthetics

– Science of Color and color mixing

– Study of facial morphology to design Eyebrow, Eyeliner and lip for cosmetic tattoo

– Color removal and corrective camouflage for scars and skin discolorations

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