Can anyone receive your treatment?

Definitely, our makeup service suits every woman who wants to improve her look and image. Unless you suffer from a specific skin problem, you can certainly enjoy our makeup technique.

who would benefit from cosmetic tattoo??

1- People who are fashion conscious
2- Have sparse, platinum or half eyebrows
3- Have a scar line from Hair transplantation
4- Less then perfect facial hair/ sparse or none
5- Sparse eyelashes, wish they appeared fuller
6- Natural aging with hair and eyebrow loss
7- Professionals conscious about their look
8- Competing in the new work force at age 40
9- Accidents from childhood birth defect
10- Balding Men looking for alternatives to hair
11- Wishing to correct some facial asymmetries
12- Accident/burn victims/scared from surgeries
13- People suffering from alopecia
14- Who want to restore derma pigmentation
15- Chemo therapy Patients

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