Betty Pham

Mr. Pierre Ly,

You are an extraordinarily skilled artist who has fulfilled and delivered all that you have promised.

Finding a permanent make-up artist who has integrity, patience and understanding is an arduous task, but I have found these qualities in you.

You, not only took time to explain each procedure, but during the procedure, you made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed by telling me what to expect next. It is a rare opportunity to have such a talented and solicitous professional whose goal is to make women look their best and feel happy about themselves.

You not only devote your time to our clients during the procedure, but also willing to explain and answer questions and concerns even days after the procedure is done. Personally, I would not entrust my face to any called “artist”. I have had a very positive experience and am extremely satisfied with the results.

I just wanted to say “thank you so very much”.