Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Permanent eyelash makeup that give my clients
a permanent ‘made up eyes’ look

During the permanent eyeliner makeup treatment, a thin line is applied on the upper and lower eyelash margins. This provides you with a “made up eyes” look. Some women desire subtle natural lash enhancement, while others desire a more dramatic makeup look. It is your own decision. One of the common procedures is what we call the blepharo-pigmentation, which simulates eyelashes and provides you with a more “fuller lash” look. It is performed using a micro needle and the pigment is implanted in a dot-like matrix fashion between the lashes. The look is a translucent one, very natural. I personally like the smudgy look combined with a dot matrix pattern.

Fuller or thicker looking eyelashes:(or Eyelash Enhancement) for those clients that have thin to very thin eyelashes we have a procedure that can give the appearance of thicker eyelashes. This procedure is very delicate and should certainly be done by a licensed professional. Our Technician implants a small amount of colour into the eyelid like little dots in between the eyelash hair. This gives the appearance of a fuller and thicker eyelash.

Microblading Tools for Eyebrow Hair Simulation

Microblading is relatively a new technique originating from Asia. It has also been referred to as eyebrow embroidery. The procedure is not performed by many permanent cosmetic tattooing artists.

Microblading is a tool manufactured with a micro size blade tip, which leaves a thin realistic hair stroke when applied to the eyebrow area. The blade tip is especially designed to assist in providing an even greater illusion of a natural growing eyebrow hair. When combining a series of micro line strokes, called (The Feathering Touch Technique) the completed results are unbelievably amazing! You will be astonished at how your eyebrows appear to be so very realistic, compared to before the procedure was done. This new tool has enabled our clinics to become even more proficient in creating the illusion of the most beautiful and natural looking realistic eyebrows. Learn more

So what exactly is permanent makeup?

Permanent cosmetics are an innovative and revolutionary artistic technique. Also known as Micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. This artistic enhancement consists of implanting natural pigments under the superficial layers of the skin. Using a small sterile micro-needle, the natural pigments are inserted between the dermis and the epidermis, creating a lasting cosmetic effect.This Highly skilled technique reflects a visual illusion where hair or colour is missing in the following areas: eyebrows, eyeliner/or giving the look of fuller, thicker eyelashes. This technique is very useful in providing colour in area’s of the lip’s where natural colouring of the mouth area is missing.

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