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Permanent Eyeliner for Men

Permanent eyeliner and eyelashes that give my clients
a permanent ‘made up eyes’ look

Eyeline (or eyeline enhancement) is not just for women anymore. Eyeliner has become the new and up in coming cosmetic application for men too. Making it more than just a trend but also an accessory, along side with hair products gels, defining paste and moulding waxes.
Eyeliner can make a bold statement about you, your personality. Society in general has turn around and been much more accepting on men and their use of cosmetics. Today it is a big industry and just as big as the ad champions are for the women so it has become for men too. Today its not only woman that are wanting to look their best but, men want to look great as well.

Men want to change or enhance some areas of their face, usually it starts with the hair cut, colouring and eyebrows. Men are looking closer at other male models and male celebrities and wanting to get that same alluring look those so called “Bedroom eyes” However it’s more than just getting that hot look. Men in any profession may want to correct some area of their facial features where by permanent make up could help, for example, eyes that are very asymmetrical or disproportionate (permanent eyeliner may be able to give the illusion of a more symmetrical appearance.

At Perfecting Touch we can assist you in your process of trying to decide whats best for you and your desired goal to achieve the look that’s right for you.

Some want a hip and trendy look so the eyeliner for these clients would be more fuller this would be applying a line perhaps on the top and the bottom of the eyelid. Other male clients want a more natural look and just want to make there eyes look a little more rested, younger or inviting.

Permanent eyelashes

Fuller looking eyelashes:(or Eyelash Enhancement) for those clients that have thin to very thin eyelashes we have a procedure that can give the appearance of thicker lashes. This procedure is very delicate and should certainly be done by a licensed professional. Our Technician implants a small amount of colour into the eyelid like little dots in between the eyelash hair. This gives the appearance of a fuller and thicker lash. You will be amazed just how doing something as minuet can make such a fantastic difference. Talk to our permanent cosmetic technician to determine your desired look, so we may achieve your goal with 100% satisfaction.



Permanent Makeup

So what exactly is permanent makeup?

Permanent cosmetics are an innovative and revolutionary artistic technique. Also known as Micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. This artistic enhancement consists of implanting natural pigments under the superficial layers of the skin. Using a small sterile micro-needle, the natural pigments are inserted between the dermis and the epidermis, creating a lasting cosmetic effect. This Highly skilled technique reflects a visual illusion where hair or colour is missing in the following areas: eyebrows, eyeliner/or giving the look of fuller, thicker eyelashes. This technique is very useful in providing colour in area’s of the lip’s where natural colouring of the mouth area is missing.

Before and After

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