Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of eyebrow microblading do you do?

At Perfecting Touch, our artist is certified for many different types of eyebrows. We can design your eyebrows together during a free consultation and you may choose among 5 different techniques. The most popular ones are:

– Ombre microblading

– Powder brows

– Microshading eyebrows

– Nanoblading

– Hybrid eyebrows

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What are the microblading healing steps?

After you just had your microblading done, it is normal for your skin to be red as the process is similar to tattoing. After a few weeks, the colour of the pigments will slightly lessen in intensity, that’s why we have microblading done darker at first.

Depending on your skin type and how you manage aftercare, your microblading may need a little touch up. Because of this, we offer it for free, scheduled one month after your appointment.

After 1 to 2 years, the pigments will lose colour intensity and start fading over time. Although they will not disappear completely for another few years, we recommend you to keep doing touch ups every year or two to keep the same colour.

How much does microblading cost?

The cost of microblading really depends on many different factors such as the technique you want, the microblading area as well as your own features. For example, if you need complete eyebrows instead of a slight filling, the price will be different.

Because of this, we offer all our customers a free consultation as well as a free digital drawing featuring their own picture. This way, we ensure you fully know what you are getting yourself into before moving on to the procedure.

Can I trust your microblading skills?

Of course, no company would say no to this question but we can say so with 100% confidence. Why?

Because many of our customers come to us to fix their brow AFTER having they have been badly done somewhere else.

Because our artits are certified by experts in the microblading industry.

Because we have more than 20 years of experience and have had thousands of happy customers.

Because our customers always come back, even years later, and also love to refer their friends to us.

This is your face we are talking about. You don’t want it to be any less than perfect.

Other questions? Contact our team. We will be happy to answer all your enquiries.