Eyebrow Microblading

Are you not entirely satisfied with your eyebrows? We can help. With over 20 years of experience in microblading, your face is in good hands.

At Perfecting Touch Permanent Tattooing Cosmetics we will provide you with a personalized artistic mapping of the eyebrows using microblading that will best enhance your facial features and defiantly provide a more beautiful contoured shape that compliments your eyes, and facial features.

Since 75% of our procedures are Eyebrow Microblading, we have come to know the latest techniques and also the most desired design of permanent eyebrows in today’s cosmetic market. We have done a lot research on eyebrows, therefore we are skilled in designing the right style, shape and the best contouring so the eyebrow looks so natural people would not know you had done anything.

Microblading can definitely help you regain that confidence you deserve but what does it look like exactly? Here are a few styles we can do for you.

Our microblading styles and techniques

classic microblading strokes done on a Perfecting touch client's eyebrows


Natural looking strokes to mimic brow hairs. This technique allows you to add density to your eyebrows.

powder brows technique before and after pictures of a clients eyebrows

Powder brows

Best used to add shading to your eyebrows, this technique involves hundreds of tiny dots to give a “powdery” look.

microshading technique done on eyebrows, before and after picture


Considered a hybrid microblading technique, it combines classic microblading with the powder brows. It gives the eyebrows a fuller and more natural look.

nanoblading technique done on eyebrows, before and after picture


Unlike typical microblading, this technique is performed with a particular machine making smaller strokes possible. Perfect for an even more discreet look.

Permanent makeup is not solely for women!

Eyebrow Microblading for Men

For our men clients who want natural looking eyebrows we recommend the hair strokes simulation. This technique consists of implanting colour in a little one by one hair stroke line between your existing eyebrows to give a fuller and best designed eyebrow shape.

Having the procedure done by one of our professionals will give you assured confidence that, nobody will be able to identify that you have had permanent makeup applied. It is up to you how you want your new look to be, we can do a gradual effect over a few sessions or we can do your eyebrows completely.

Men deserve to feel confident about their appearance. If you experience eyebrow hair loss or simply would like a stunning look, men microblading can help you. We offer various styles of male eyebrow pigmentation that look 100% natural. We have done extensive research on male eyebrow microblading and have had many men clients over the years.

eyebrow microblading by artist pierre ly done on a male customer

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