• Don’t You Want To Wake Up Looking Refreshed All-day, Every day!?
  • Are you completley frustrated &
    tired of drawing eyebrows?
  • Are you not sure what shape to follow?
  • Are you struggling with sparse eyebrows?
  • Are you losing eyebrow hair due to skin conditions, hormonal changes, or stress?
  • Are you hoping that you magically wake up to a full set of beautiful eyebrows?
  • Do you want to regain your confidence and enhance your looks?
  • Do you want to save time and energy and focus on things that truly matter?

Well, don’t worry, you’re in the Right place.

Get ready to look FABULOUS

It’s time to simplify your mornings 
and still make a BIG impact in the shortest amount of time.

Introducing the solution to all your problems, our 1ST UNIQUE SIGNATURE:


Firstly we offer our clients a custom virtual shaping consultation where they will be able to see how their eyebrows could look after the procedure.

This virtual step is normally retailed for $50 but if you sign up today, you will receive it for FREE

Once you’ve decided your style and technique that suits you best, we set an appointment to do the procedure.

On the procedure day, we will spend an extensive amount of time to measure, draw and shape the outline of the eyebrows. Then we will chose the perfect color among my favorite premium color brands to match with your existing hair color and skin tone.

We understand the importance of post eyebrows procedure care, so our 2ND UNIQUE SIGNATURE:


The healing process I offer guarantees fast healing and superior results with less down time.
Our two-step unique approach offers our clients beautifully designed eyebrows, a faster healing time and lasting retention.


75% of the procedures at Perfecting touch is Eyebrow Microblading.


Over 20 years of experience in the Beauty & Cosmetic Industry.

Treatments Served:

Over 6000 micro-blading clients to date.


Keeping up with the latest trends and techniques on Eyebrow micro-blading.

We’ve designed a treatment path to help you look better and to help you achieve the look you desire, it is divided into five stages.
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Happy Clients

Based on 123 reviews
Pierre is the Michelangelo of microblading. I highly recommend going to Pierre for any of his services you won’t be disappointed.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo
Very professional
Gaby Guida
Gaby Guida
I would strongly recommend Pierre. I had my eyebrows done with him. We set up a free consultation. He doesn’t need to trap someone into coming to him because they paid for a consultation fee that would be deducted from the total if you decide to proceed. No one likes to part with money. With Pierre you are free to choose, to get information and make a decision that is right and feels right for you not because you paid for the consultation and want to recoup the consultation fee. He was able to show me what the final product of my eyebrows on his i-pad. First he took a picture of me. We discussed what I wanted, (not the cookie cutter template). We discussed colour, shape, arc, length, THICKNESS…lol! I wanted them to look as natural as possible. Sorry in advance but I didn’t want them to look the way I see so many women have them. Pierre customized my eyebrows for me. We talked and there was absolutely no pressure to get me to do it. He was actually surprised when I said, ok let’s go ahead. He asked when? I said NOW if you can. When he was done and I saw the final product all I could say is, I love you!!! I haven’t felt that much genuine happiness in a long time. It was like Christmas for me when I was small. He didn’t screw it up. He did an amazing job. A true artist. His customer service is also exceptional. He is very through, professional, talented, kind, sympathetic and most importantly an artist! He takes pride in his work and establishment. Aside from his primary location he does travel to a few other locations for the sake of providing customer service and convenience. Pierre is the one who does the procedure/artistry not any other associates. Whichever location you choose, you get him. He also provides a referral program. Therefore you have the opportunity of having a reduction on the cost of the future touch up or other procedures when you refer people to him. His cost include the first visit where he works his magic and the follow up touch up about a month later. The quote he gives you is for both. Some places I called the fees for the initial visit and the touch up are separate. Yes, (I) you need the follow up touch up. You really can’t go wrong with him. A bit about myself. I have anxiety, depression and OCD. I don’t trust people easily. Therefore everything I have said about Pierre is what he provide for me. My opinion of his customer service and artistry of how he made me feel comfortable and confident to proceed with him is my honest heartfelt truth. I’m glad I didn’t stop looking until I found him. 100% satisfied no regrets. Thank you Pierre. I want to attach a before and after picture as soon as I figure it out. Sorry not tech savvy.
I cannot speak enough about how happy I am with my services received at Perfecting Touch. Pierre is above and beyond artistically talented and super professional! He not only did a super job but explained every step of the way the procedure as it went. I never was left feeling uncomfortable. My family and friends are amazed at how stunning my face and eyes look overall. If you thinking about having any of Perfecting Touch services done, you will not be disappointed!! Thanks a million Pierre at Perfecting Touch!! ❤
Novlet Tate-Hughes
Novlet Tate-Hughes
Excellent service and professionalism. Pierre is a master at his craft. I love my brows. They look natural, color matched perfectly and shaped to suit my eye structure and face. I highly recommend Pierre.
I am extremely happy with my results Pierre is a true professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m so happy with my results….. Pierre your the best 😊
Jennie Charles
Jennie Charles
I would recommend Perfecting Touch to anyone who is looking to do Microblading. My procedure was done to perfection, and I have no complaints. Pierre is the ultimate professional, wealth of knowledge and full of experience. Before any procedure you get a free consultation, after the procedure there is a follow up to see how you are doing. definitely value for money. Job well done Pierre! you are simply the best.
Lana Hama
Lana Hama
Pierr is a naturally talented, skilled and professional. My favourite part about him, was how well he listened to my preference. The end result, was exactly what I was hoping for. He meticulously helps you choose the shape and colour that suits you, paying lots of attention not only to your natural hair colour but skin pigment too. I love my new brows, they are so natural looking. I would recommend her 1000 times over. it will return your confidence saves you time as well if you have kids!!. Thanks again pierre!! Ahwaz (Lana)
Luminita Frampton
Luminita Frampton
Pierre is the most talented and professional tattoo artist I met. Fortunately for me, I met Pierre after having a bad experience with another tattoo “artist” who did my eyebrows. Pierre removed the “disaster” done by the other person, and then he gave the most beautiful, natural look. I would never go to anybody else for this procedure, since he is exceptionally good. I saw his work done for another friend, and I was impressed. Then, I read his reviews, looked at the pictures he is posting on his website and the confidence in him grew. I felt 100% comfortable with doing this procedure with him after having a consultation with him and going over my options. Pierre took as much time I needed to explain the procedure, and find out about what I want. I love my eyebrows now, and the fact that my friends noticed a positive difference in my look makes me realized that I took the right decision choosing Pierre for this job. The salon is cozy, nice and clean. Pierre is very professional, with a lot of experience in this area, and his work ethic is at highest level. I am strongly recommend Pierre to anybody who wants to have the best experience.

Real Clients,
Real Transformations

Frequently Asked Questions

Cheaper doesn’t mean better! If the price is too low, maybe the technician is inexperienced or didn’t get the proper training. Stay away from inadequate training. If the color is incorrectly applied, it would be hard to remove it and it will cost even more to undo the mistakes.
Too expensive doesn’t mean better either! Some technicians overcharge you just because they are operating from a Doctor’s Office. Others would just charge you for the so-called ‘downtown core” locations.

At Perfecting Touch, we have an established storefront salon, ground level with free parking. We are in the Toronto location but yet we don’t overcharge our clients.

Not if you’re going to a professional clinic like Perfecting Touch. You can face risks only if you get cosmetic tattooing at an untrained individual or team. Don’t let a layperson place your tattoo abounds. If they use contaminated needles, infections can be transmitted. Since at Perfecting Touch all hygiene conditions are met and all tools meet health and safety standards, at Perfecting Touch there is absolutely no risk.

During the treatment, we use topical anesthetics to numb the area and minimize discomfort. Most people describe a mild, gentle, plucking sensation, as not feeling at all. The amazing results and the long years of your great-looking will certainly justify the slight discomfort.

The permanent treatment can last up to 5-6 years. However, the exact period varies according to your skin type, the treated area, and the chosen color. The darker the color, the longer it lasts. Immediately after the treatment, the color appears dark; within 4 to 10 days the color weakens from 10% to 20%. Ultra-violate exposure from sun or tanning booths, various drugs, excessively dry skin, and smoking are all factors that may affect the color. It is essential that a sun block be applied over the permanent make-up area at any time that you are exposed to the sun or a tanning bed to prolong the effective life of these procedures.

You will look like yourself, except that you will have a professional makeup application done every single day; either mild soft, makeup, or sophisticated. The choice is yours. Prior to the procedure, we will guide you and provide professional advice. We will show you exactly how you will look like at the end of the treatment. We will adapt the best look for you, according to your age and style, your facial structures, and your shape.

“Art is a talent with which one is born, not a craft for which one trains”

The result of a makeup procedure will be as good as the artist you choose. Ask as many questions as you can, making sure that you choused the right professional. Ask for references and testimonials from previous clients. Check training background, certifications, experience, liability insurance, and most important – REAL before and after pictures. Not just some fancy Photoshop retouched pictures that look like supermodels or school albums. Evaluate real results from a real professional who has performed thousands of procedures. After all, it’s about your face and about your look for many years. You deserve nothing but the best!

Here's what our clients have to say about us

Meet Pierre

Canada’s Foremost Male Permanent Makeup Artist

Pierre, the brains behind Perfecting Touch Permanent Cosmetics has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry since 1998. Perfecting Touch is an exclusive and high reputable professional makeup service, based on the revolutionary Micropigmentation technique. Our success comes from our Out Standing customer service and unique artistic skills. With over 7 locations across the GTA, our makeup services have been designed to improve your personal image by affecting your natural-looking beauty and facial features.

Perfecting Design Method

The perfecting design method is a virtual design method for your eyebrows where our artist will sketch out the eyebrow style for you, so you know in advance how you are going to look like after the procedure. Sign up now and receive a complimentary eyebrow mockup.


Monday – Friday : 9:00am – 04:00pm
Saturday : 09:00am – 06:00pm
Sunday: Closed

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