Contamination and Infection Transmission

The beauty salon is a possible dangerous place because of the tools and products we use and the nature of the treatments. Every day many clients and staff enter the salon and they bring with them billions of gems. Many of these germs are harmless but others can cause infections.
– Contamination is the transfer of micro-organism from a dirty item or surface which is clean.
– Infections may occur when contaminated instruments are not effectively cleaned and sterilized before use on another person, or when single-use instruments are not discarded immediately after use.
– The ongoing pandemic has posed a big threat for the transmission of virus which in our salon is taken care of by making sure all necessary precautions are followed.
It is very important that everyone who works in a salon is aware of possible safety risks and how to maintain safety. More, it is critical that the salon manager and staff understand the safety, security, and hygiene issues and procedure in the salon, and implement them.